Ninox Cancer Support Crew was founded by Erinna Ford, in 2020. Throughout her treatment for four occurrences of Hodgkins Lymphoma during her twenties, Erinna was commonly the youngest in any treatment room, usually by several decades.

The few peers that she did meet helped to normalise the experience, reduced the feeling of treatment loneliness, and also helped orientate life after treatment. However, not everyone has this opportunity, being separated by treatment locations and schedules. Ninox CSC stems from Erinna’s determination that no one else should feel isolated or alone while going through the shitshow that is cancer.

With small beginnings, there are grand plans to become an incorporated organisation and increase its support offerings. As it grows, Ninox CSC will be guided by its members for what other support is needed.

Why is it needed?

People in this age group have specific needs, concerns and priorities when their life is interrupted by a cancer diagnosis. These include fertility preservation, financial burdens, childcare, and interruptions to work and education. Finding support for these specific concerns can be time consuming and frustrating, if they are available at all.

It is also common for this cohort to complete their entire treatment regime without ever meeting someone their own age. This isolation and loneliness removes any opportunity to connect with others living a similar experience, which can be incredibly powerful in maintaining wellness and mental health during and after treatment.

This is an acknowledged gap in the cancer care landscape – one that Ninox CSC aims to fill.

Why ‘Ninox’?

Ninox is a genus of Australian owl, and owls are traditionally symbolic of illness, life transformation, and wisdom – three stages that are familiar to anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis.

Our vision

To support younger adults living with a cancer diagnosis.

Mission statement

We exist to make sure that anyone in their 20s and 30s with a cancer diagnosis are empowered with relevant important knowledge and a network of peers who can relate, so they can continue to thrive during and after treatment.

Get involved

As an unincorporated initiative with grand plans, NinoxCSC does not currently have paid staff nor access to funding. Therefore any assistance from people interested in volunteering their time and expertise to running the group would be greatly appreciated – a personal experience of cancer, or knowledge of cancer care, is helpful but not necessary.

We are currently seeking people for the following roles. Email Founder Erinna: ninoxcsc@gmail.com or use the form below to discuss.

  • Psychologist, counsellor or cancer nurse to facilitate a support group
  • Social media / newsletters / promotions
  • Podcast creator
  • Topic experts for webinars, including legal, financial counsellor, onco-fertility specialist.
  • Management board roles, including skilled in not-for-profit governance/law, finance/treasurer, nurse or clinician.