Transport assistance

It’s often not practical to drive yourself to and from treatment, and sometimes your family is not able to be your chauffer. If they are willing, take up the offers from friends to accompany you to treatment. If you’re embarrassed or don’t want to ‘inconvenience them’, remember that they wouldn’t be offering if they didn’t want to help in a practical way. If it makes you feel better, offer to pay for their fuel and/or the parking fees.

However, sometimes you may need alternative arrangements, and you don’t want to take an taxi, Uber or public transport.

If you live regionally you may also need to travel to a major centre for treatment, which means you not only have to get there, but also find suitable accommodation for yourself and any support people.

First up, ask to speak to the social worker at your treating hospital, as they will be able to give you information on what help they can provide and what is available in your area. Some larger cancer centres and hospitals have volunteer-run transport programs.


Some of these services are free while others charge a fee. Be sure to ask for a quote before booking.

Transport to treatment


Long distance travel:

Need to travel interstate for treatment:

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