Peer support

It’s really important to have your experiences validated and normalized by people who have been through a similar experience and understand what it’s like.

This is particularly true when living with a cancer diagnosis. Unfortunately, for younger adults it’s common to complete treatment without even seeing someone of a similar age, and there are very few support services for this age group.

Obviously that is the gap that NinoxCSC plans to fill, but until we can take over Australia (the world?), here are some services that might help. You might also like to ask your medical team or social worker for recommendations.

We’ve also included online podcasts and video sessions from other international organisations. While they are not interactive, they are a great resource to hear others chat about the same issues and concerns you may have. We do plan on creating similar resources at NinoxCSC, so get in touch if you have the production skills or want to contribute your story.




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Disclaimer: Ninox Cancer Support Crew does not endorse and is not affiliated with any of the organisations, businesses, or services listed on this page. We include them, in good faith, for information purposes only. You should discuss your individual circumstances with your trusted advisors, health and otherwise, prior to making any decisions.

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